Outrage dissent inside gaddafis stronghold of Suez on the rise

Outrage dissent inside gaddafis stronghold of Suez on the rise. At least five protesters were injured in clashes between security forces and demonstrators outside the Suez Canal town hall, said activists. The protests are due to launch Saturday.

#Egypt «It’s time to leave», shouts one frustrated protesters, when a state newspaper quoted him on his protest. #LBS #Raiyum pic.twitter.com/6Cn5s7U1bL — Huda Mursaddin (@HudaMursaddin) March 25, 2015

Demonstrators have accused the Suez Canal Authority of having failed to curb «irresponsible» tourism activities. The a바카라사이트uthorities said they have confiscated several items including «stamp packets,» fake documents, cameras and flashlights.

«There is a government which has been on a rampage,» one demonstrator told Ahram Online, noting that most of the «illegal and illegal activities» on the canal’s narrow walkways have been handled by the authorities. «Our movement has not met the pressure of a crackdown,» he explained, pointing to two recent attacks by protesters.

On Thur더킹카지노sday, at least three people were injured after police clashed with protesters in the town of al-Tukhar, located jarvees.com1 km from the canal.

An initial protest by the «Babri» group turned violent on Saturday when police dispersed the demonstration. A group of «Fahd» members accused the police of destroying its tents and other protest structures. A further protest later resulted in clashes with police in the area of al-Khalam and in Sheikh Zayed square, the latter located nearby.

On Friday evening, several activists broke into the administrative building of the Suez Canal Authority and began destroying government equipment including power and water systems.

The activists then went on to damage several cars and attack government offices. Some of the activists tried to use «drums and other instruments to break open the gates of the Suez Authority building, while others threw stones and firecrackers at them.

Following their intervention, security forces were able to contain the situation, according to Ahram Online journalist Huda Mursaddin.

The authorities had earlier reported that «at least two people» died from tear gas inhalation during a protest against the authorities during a demonstration in the Suez Canal town hall. An Egyptian military source confirmed to Ahram Online the figures to be «unconfirmed,» adding that the deaths were caused by a «marijuana overdose.»

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