Firefighter battle deadly blaze in india — AFP

Firefighter battle deadly blaze in india — AFP

Police have detained a 24-year-old man in connection with the blast. He had allegedly threatened to blow up the building in front of his home and was about to throw petrol bombs when the blaze ripped through it.

Inspector Pronujulai Dham said: «We are in possession of a laptop recovered from the spot, and from forensic analysis we have detected that the laptop contained photographs of the victim that were sent through WhatsApp.

«According to information gathered from that laptop, the person was also going to send a batch of petrol bombs through WhatsApp while they were out of town, to cause maximum damage.»

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The incident took place in the eastern Indore district where a spate of recent terrorist attacks took place this year, with the biggest tragedy being the April 26 suicide bombing at a Christmas market in Nainital in the city, in which at least 1jarvees.com1 people were killed.

The alleged bomber had said he did so after the attacks in Delhi, and on his Facebook page on April 26 he posted a video showing him carrying off a «tombstone».

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«I will show you that I had the biggest bomb in India in the month of May,» he wrote, with photographs of a pile of «trash».

The post was met with widespread condemnation. It led to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeting: «Terrorists do not use the internet — just leave your country. That’s how you stop them. Do you realise the damage they cause if they try it? Don’t leave. But even if it means the cost of your life. Never let anybody in that area.»

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The district police said the 24-year-old man was detained in May this year.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis condemned the alleged bomber’s «hateful act.더킹카지노» «We demand a full investigation into t우리카지노his case,» he said in a statement on Sunday.