Grain crops unhurt by hail

Grain crops unhurt by hail

Lucky for everyone, a US-led coalition has come to rescue corn, sugarcane, soybeans and rice from an extremely harsh winter.

The US-led alliance with Saudi Arabia and other allies is helping to protect crops including wheat, barley and maize, and is also helping reduce the risk of a second rainstorm expected on Thursday with storms expected to spread eastwards around Mexico from Thursday to Friday.

The weather team will begin monitoring the weather for rain in Mexico on Monday, following a series of high-altitude observations on Monday in the area around Las Chinesas, a town close to the border with Colombia. The army and state-funded agriculture 시흥출장샵and agri-environmental projects are being deployed to provide emergency relief to farmers.

In northern Colombia, where farmers and conservationists said they were on course for a rain season, the National Environment Agency is monitoring drought conditions from its headquarters in the nearby capital Bogota as well as monitoring the drought conditions in northern Gue가평출장샵rrero, which is under heavy rain.

In Mexico City, President Enrique Peña Nieto and Mexico’s agriculture minister, Hector Ángel Osorio Chong, arrived in Houston to join the efforts to ensure the safety and security of Mexico’s agriculture sector. They will discuss the situation at the Mexican agricultural summit in Houston, which took place in the US capital on Thursday.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto and Mexico’s agriculture minister, Hector Ángel Osorio Chong tour with US Secretary of State John Kerry during a trip to the US city of Houston. Photograph: Ricardo Alonso Calvo/AFP/Getty Images

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Peña Nieto said: «If we do not get ready for the storms, the risks for all the crops which we already rely upon will become very high. We will lose billions of dollars in harvest.» He urged «a lot of work».

Osorio Chong said: «We are ready to do everything in our power» to ensure t엠카지노hat Mexico’s farmers have the food they need to continue farming.

At the start of the third season of the US-Mexico agricultural bond in February, US officials acknowledged that they were concerned the conditions that prevailed in Mexico before and during the second Mexico drought would increase during winter if not completely reversed.

They warned Mexico’s agricultural producers that the situation was dangerous, particularly for grain crops and corn, and vowed to work hard to ensure farmers had enough to eat through the first half of 2015