Queens birthday honours for roy and hg’rs

Queens birthday honours for roy and hg’rs

Tory MP Philip Davies, the only member of the Commons to call the Royal Wedding an ‘honour’,온라인 카지노 spoke of its «spiritual and social significance». He added that:

The Royal Wedding would be the celebration of an international family, and it would represent the end of a period of very intense grief for the Royal family that has seen them lose two of their three youngest children, Prince William and Princess Charlotte. I also want to acknowledge the many people across the community that have made this special occasion a huge success. I think everyone will see that the celebrations for the ro에스엠 카지노yal family’s 50th anniversary are an absolute highlight of Parliament’s summer holiday.

Davies told the Times that: «I am hugely honoured to serve on the Committee on the Royal Wedding and its committees and I will not rest until the Royal family can be treated as once again an international family.

«We would be remiss if we didn’t pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people who have contributed to this rem화천출장마사지 화천출장샵arkable event.

«The Royal Family has been recognised as the ‘king of England’ and their international standing, and I believe they have the right to hold that status and honour their responsibilities to the UK.

«On many occasions, the Royal Family have shown great distinction and the right kind of leadership, for the same reasons we now honour the Queen, I believe, they will continue to do so.

«On the occasion of the royal wedding, we will honour it in a spirit of international fraternity and friendship, which is what we should always be looking for.»

However, there have been rumours over the last week that the Government may decide to scrap the legislation, which will allow anyone to attend, with this year’s celebrations taking place on 2 July, 2017.

A spokesperson from the royal family said they were happy to host guests at official functions when the King or Queen were abroad in support of charity.

They said: «It is always our preference that private and domestic functions, including when the Queen and the Prince of Wales are present, are not involved in any part of the celebrations.

«We have taken this decision in response to a number of reports about possible changes to the law to allow the public, including those on private accounts, to attend events.

«These include such events as the Lord Chancellor’s speech, the wedding of the Duke of Westminster, a royal Christmas dinner, a celebration of the Queen’s birthday, as well as